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Watch Out! 5 Common Mistakes of Home Interior Design

More than shelter, the house is a place where you and your family will feel the warmth. Therefore, many people are competing to have a beautiful and comfortable home.

Thus, the home interior is a very important thing, let alone interior living room. With the right interior, family room will be a comfortable place for you and your family. But without realising it, you could do 5 mistakes interior of this family room!

Watch Out! 5 Common Mistakes of Home Interior Design

1. Using a limited colour.

Monochrome colour can indeed make the house look more spacious and clean, but playing safe with black and white may make your home look dull. To fix this, you can add other colours, such as brown, red, or blue.

The combination of 80% for neutral colours and 20% for accent colours can you use to keep your home interior alive but not excessive.

2. Matching furniture.

Buying a set of home furnishings can be an easy and safe option, but it can make your interior home look a bit boring.

Maybe it's time for you to take the time to choose the furniture that suits your style but keep it in sync. Take your time to plan everything thoroughly.

3. Lighting of origin.

Often these points are forgotten or even considered unimportant. In fact, lighting your home will determine the mood of your home. If you want to make a comfortable and warm impression, you can use lights that tend to turn yellow.

Meanwhile, to give the impression of spirit, you can use lights that are white.

4. Displaying the paintings too high.

Perhaps this mistake is often made by a lot of people. Simple indeed, but apparently hanging paintings too high on the wall will reduce the warm impression in your home. For that, you can hang a painting 150 cm above the floor.

5. Choose the wrong cement.

When choosing cement as your dwelling material, sometimes it could have a bad impact. Moreover, if you are the type of person who prefers to put furniture on the wall. The walls can be quickly cracked and damaged.

The solution, you can give a little distance on the furniture of your house, so it does not stick to the wall and choose the right cement with good quality. By providing distance to the furniture, your living room looks more spacious.

In addition, your home will look more intimate with the interior arrangement like this.

Looks trivial, but the mistakes above can decrease the beauty and comfort of your home, you know. So make sure you avoid the above mistake properly.


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